Product information

Ramunder information:
Total height measured from scalp: 60 cm
Total height measured form tips of ears: 63 cm
Head circumference: 23 cm
Neck girth: 11 cm
Chest: 41 cm
Waist: 28 cm
Hips: 34 cm
Thigh girth: 20 cm
Shin girth: 15,5 cm
Shoulder width: 22 cm
Arm length: 27cm (with hand 36 cm)
Length of hand 10 cm
Leg length: 36 cm
Foot length: 11 cm
Foot width: 5 cm
Crotch to foot length: 39 cm
Length of tail: 47 cm
Total weight when strung: 4000 grams

These colors are no longer available

Haru casting’s color ‘Medium Tan’ (I call this color ‘Mull’) and ‘Light Purple’ (I call this color ‘Ljung’). Haru casting company has informed me that due to the size of the doll and the amount of resin used for casting, some marbling effects might occur in the color of the resin. This is especially a risk in darker colors like tan. This means that there can be a hint of color difference showing in the resin. If this is a problem for you, please reconsider the choice of ordering the darker color ‘Mull’.

Ljung & Mull
Blank doll in the color Mull. He wears 11mm silicon eyes in this picture.
Blank doll in the color Ljung. He wears 13 mm silicon eyes in this picture.

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