Pre-order day opening time 08:00

Hello everyone, the time for the pre-order will start at:

27/9 2021 08:00 AM SWEDISH TIME.

I want to remind you all that orders sent before this date and this time can not be accepted. I have no clue how many orders I will get, and if they build beyond my capacity I will need to accept them in the order they came in, and end the pre-order beforehand. This is simply to make it fair for every one, and give you all an equal chance. I am just one person doing this all by myself. If the amount of orders are low, now worry to miss out on Ramunder.

I also want to remind you to check available countrys I can ship to at the moment under ‘terms & conditions’. Some destinations are not possible for me to send parcels to. Thank you for understanding and thank you for all the support I have gotten, I am truly grateful for this.


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