Hands modification

Hello friends,

They are still in progress but will be ready as soon as the surface is smooth and free from imperfections.
The new angles of the fingers.

My caster have informed me that the hands of Ramunder as they are design now will not be possible to cast. Every pair casted breaks the silicon molds, due to the angles of the fingers hugging and tearing at the molds. I have been forced to make the decision to change the angle of the fingers to be able to cast the hands. This is not a major change, but I feel like I need to inform about this if it in any way affects your decisions on adopting him.
Also, they will look slightly different from the product photos of him. When I’m at it I also made a decision to ad a bit of details to them so make them prettier, pointier finger tips and more defined knuckles. I hope you will like the new design. I wanted to be able to show the differens to you before I mentioned this and I hope that this will not be an issue for anyone looking to adopt him.

/ Nattmaran

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