New photos

Hello friends,

Just a tiny update, I decided to take a new batch of photos of Ramunder last week since the weather has been so nice and it is finally autumn here.
I also realised that I have only uploaded pictures of him dressed so these ones are nudes. They are added to the products page after the old ones, just keep scrolling and you should find them at the bottom, I hope this will be helpful. 🙂

There are only 15 days left now before the preorder closes . Many have asked if I will have another preorder in the future, but I can not promise anything, it all depends on the outcome now and the interest in Ramunder in the future. If you wish to get your own, now is the time if you want to make sure not to miss him.

One of the new photos from this photo shoot.

I have also been to a print house to discuss doll boxes, protective foam, CoA and other things needed to make a complete and safe delivery.
I’m also looking in to what kind of extras I can add as gifts to all my lovely customers. I will not say anything about what they might be yet since nothing is decided, the ideas are many. But I will make sure that there will be something extra in the boxes when they arrive to you.

/ Nattmaran

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